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"He must increase, but I must decrease." -John 3:30

Politics, Heresy, and Hoaxes

I normally abstain from saying anything about politics (Philippines or American).  But I want to mention a couple of things.

Fellow blogger Arnold Gamboa has posted about Eddie Villanueva’s unholy alliance with  false prophet Apollo Quiboloy.   I happen to agree with Arnold.  Check out his post, watch the video and draw your own conclusions.  

I’m sure I have Jesus is Lord members who read my blog.  Understand this: I’m not trying to belittle the JIL church (or Brother Eddie himself).  But I believe any man can make a mistake, and thus any man is subject to correction (read about Paul’s rebuke of Peter in Galatians 2:11-14).  

Then there’s the email going around claiming Manny Villar owns a mansion in Utah.  I’ve already received this email twice three times.  People forward this junk without doing any research.  The truth is the mansion pictures are from Bel Air (Los Angeles, California) and this mansion doesn’t belong to Villar.  Another hoax email circulated a few years back claiming this mansion belonged to the president of Zimbabwe.  You can read the whole report at  

In case you are wondering, I’m also not trying to endorse or belittle either man as a presidential candidate.  I can’t vote here (I’m not a Filipino citizen), so I haven’t taken the time to really study the different candidates’ platforms and philosophies.  I’m just encouraging you to use discernment in all things.


  1. Hi Kevin,

    Why haven’t you approved the rebuttal I sent you yesterday? I posted that comment in the spirit of fairness and truth so that your readers will know the other side of the coin. When you’re NOT in the actual situation or event, things are NOT always what they seem and thus,people must learn how to dig deeper and NOT go with the flow of biased reactions.

  2. Ramil,
    You simply copied and pasted comments from Arnold’s blog, which I have already linked to.

    Remember: asking questions is a Christian responsibility. Without hard questions there is no accountability.

    What was done is on video–people can watch it on Arnold’s blog and make up their own minds.

  3. am expecting more maturity from u, since many christian teens are reading ur books and blogs. u dont even know bro eddie! i think u should be the one to discern first! pure? be wise? be blessed?

  4. Karis,

    I am simply questioning Brother Eddie’s decision to publicly align himself with a false prophet.

    Immaturity is blindly accepting what a Christian leaders does without question. That attitude is how Quiboloy’s church got started.

  5. immaturity: pagpukol ng mga bintang sa kapwa kristyano na hindi muna inaalam ang puno at dulo ng isyu.ito ay ang pakikinig lang sa sabi-sabi at kung ano lang ang nakikita ng pisikal na mata at tenga.


  6. I accept both Karis and Ramil as fellow Christians, even if you two disagree with me on this. Not bad for an such an immature guy like me 🙂

  7. @karis–ano ang katotohanan na sinasabi mo? ano ang justification sa ginawa ni eddie v.?

    don’t worry kuya kevin, many christians in this country are quite “immature” in their political views. they let politics impinge on their faith. they view political judgments as “gospel truths”. Being a Christian is not enough to be a president. Learn from history. thanks for spreading this information.

  8. I think it was a bad move by Bro. Eddie v. If God really intends for him to win (like many claim), he doesn’t need alliance with any group or need to win their support or favor.

    And I think (no offense again)that he lost more meeting up with Quibuloy than gained anything. If he has to do this before he’s even president, imagine the compromises he will make and have to make if he wins.

    Just my opinion.

  9. i once attended quiboloy’s “service”. i remember because my mom happened to be the agent who booked their flight to here (im outside phils). 5 mins throughout the service, never got to hear the name “Jesus”. heard “the son” though, which is clearly referring to quiboloy himself, according to what he sang onstage. we rushed to the gate to get some fresh air and headed home lol.

    he has followers alright. but bro. eddie should know better than me (or you, or him, or her) that he should pick accordingly.yes to the truth and the righteous. no to the false and wicked.

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