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"He must increase, but I must decrease." -John 3:30

Basta [email protected] Book Store

I saw Basta LoveLife in National Book Store today (SM City Manila). They had it on a shelf in the psychology/self-help section, alongside other relationship books. It looks like the book is making its way to most of the Manila stores (I got an email from someone who saw it at Market Market). Hope you’ll run out and get a copy!

By the way, for those in the University Belt area of Manila, you can buy the book from me at a 25% discount (while supplies last). I’m selling about 80 copies to raise funds for one of our retreats. Just contact me through email if you are interested and can travel to the U-belt area.


  1. I bought your book from powerbooks and it cost P210.00….

  2. Thanks for buying and thanks for the information!

  3. hi kuya kevin 😉

    I’ve already done in reading your book. It’s nice, very interesting, and helpful to the readers. It gave me more ideas and advices. Thanks for that wonderful sharing =)God blesz

  4. Anonymous,
    Thanks for buying and reading! I hope it was a blessing to you.

  5. Kuya, I was supposed to comment and ask if there are still supplies for the 25% off-but since this is an old post, I bet you have none left 🙂

    Call me a cheapskate but I find it expensive, for its size.. though I do splurge on books..

    but just now, God reminded me that there is no price tag for anything that will be used for the kingdom.
    So I’m buying at regular rates.

    God bless your ministry!

  6. Hi,
    If you are here in the Ubelt area you can contact me and maybe we’ll work something out. If not, the discount would be used up in pamasahe.

    I know that things can get difficult financially, but I think you’ll find that my book’s price is pretty reasonable if you compare it to similar sized books.

  7. thanks kuya 🙂
    no need, no problem.
    Its always a privelege to sacrifice, no matter how small it seems to other people’s pockets.

    I give to God po.
    God bless!

  8. I got your book from Pastor Armand’s neice…
    Then I got another one as your Graduation gift last year! 🙂
    Thanks Kuya kevin! Godbless~!

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