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Basta LoveLife: A Great Christmas Gift

I’ll admit, I’m biased–but I think Basta LoveLife would make a wonderful Christmas present for a student, young adult, or any single person.

You can find Basta LoveLife at National Book Stores, Philippine Christian Book Stores, etc.  You can click this post for a longer list of retailers.

I also sell it personally at a 25% discount (vs retail).  Just contact me for details (kuyakevin at gmail).

Buy Basta LoveLife for 150 Pesos (25% off retail)

This week I’ll be ordering new stock of Basta LoveLife.  I’ve sold all of the copies I ordered a few weeks ago (thanks to everyone who bought one).

If you are willing to meet me near SM City Manila or the “University Belt” area, I’ll be happy to sell a copy to you directly for 150 pesos (that’s about 25% less than retail).

Basta LoveLife–Second Printing!

My Valentine’s Day gift came early last week. I ordered another hundred copies of BLL (for my own personal selling, giveaways, etc). Upon delivery I learned I had just bought the last 100 copies from the CSM warehouse. I could not believe it–I asked my friend about three times if I had heard him correctly.

It was an emotional moment for me. I even got a little misty-eyed (like a teenage girl who just finished watching Twilight).

I want to thank my blog readers for your encouragement. This whole thing started with a post. Your support gave me that extra incentive to pursue this dream.

So we’re on the second printing. I still can’t believe we ever did the first printing. God can use us in ways we would have never imagined!

PS–I’m not sure exactly how long it will take for the next prints to come out and hit the bookstore shelves. If you want a copy right away, better grab the next one you see.  If you’re in Manila and would like to buy the book from me directly, just email me and we’ll work out the details–I only have about 90 copies left in my personal supply.  Once these are sold, I’ll also have to wait for the re-print.

More Good News

Just got some good news from Church Strengthening Ministry:

Basta LoveLife is number 4 in their top ten bestselling original titles for 2008!

Thanks again for your support!

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