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Young Women on the Journey: Beauty for Ashes (Devotional Book)

I just wanted to let everyone know about a new devotional book: YoungWomenontheJourneyYoung Women on the Journey: Beauty for Ashes 

I’m excited about this publication for two reasons.  First and foremost, my wife has three entries.  We are looking forward to seeing her testimony in printed form and we know it will inspire young women all over the Philippines.

But I’ve actually been a fan of the Women on the Journey devotional books for quite some time.  I’ve been giving them as gifts to friends and family for years.

We are thrilled to be a part of this book and we look forward to hearing your feedback.  It is published by Church Strengthening Ministry (the same company I partnered with for my books).

Basta LoveLife: Making Wise Relationship Decisions


God blessed me with the opportunity to write Basta LoveLife: Making Wise Relationship Decisions in 2008.  Here’s how this book came about:

I moved to Manila in 2002 to become a campus minister.  A few years later I began doing sexual purity seminars on college campuses using True Love Waits material.  This aspect of my ministry grew beyond anything I would have imagined: I regularly spoke to hundreds of students each year.

I usually ended my seminar with book recommendations.  But there were a couple of issues:

*Most of the available books on sexual purity were simply imports from the USA. In other words, they were not written with the Filipino culture/context in mind.

*Most of the locally published books were written from a female perspective.

I saw the need for a book on sexual purity and relationship issues: one written specifically for Filipinos from the masculine perspective.  I had already been writing articles on this blog for a year or so, and I asked my readers if I should publish.  The responses were so encouraging!  More importantly, I sense that this is something the Lord wanted me to do.

Manila International Book Fair (2009)

Manila International Book Fair (2009)

I already had friends at Church Strengthening Ministry (CSM).  Fortunately, they were willing to take a chance on an unknown author.  We began working on the manuscript, and my friends thought of a catchy title.  The rest is history, as they say.  Basta LoveLife became one of CSM’s best sellers, and I still hear from students who have been blessed by the book.

To God be the glory!


[email protected] International Book Fair (Video)

Here’s a video of my interview during the Manila International Book Fair. DZAS was broadcasting live from the Church Strengthening Ministry booth. 

Learning the Hard Way: In Stores Now!

LearningtheHardWayWhat happens when we don’t use our heads in matters of the heart?  What happens when we ignore biblical wisdom in relationship decisions?  You guessed it–we learn the hard way.

Read this book and see my response to true stories.

Learning the Hard Way is now in stores!

This book is available at Philippine Christian Book Stores, National Bookstores and other major retailers–anyone who sells Church Strengthening Ministry publications.

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