I recently bought a Straight Talk cell phone.   I decided to go with this service for several straighttalk-logoreasons:

*One of my relatives uses this service and recommended it.

*I’m all about saving money right now, and Straight Talk’s unlimited call/text is about half the price of the major brands.

*I really don’t want to be in a contract.

*I’m already used to prepaid cell phone service–it’s the way I most of us in the Philippines did things.

*I did some research.  It seems the tech support leaves much to be desired, but most users were pretty happy with the service (signal strength, etc.).

I decided to buy a cheap flip phone directly from their website to avoid any issues with compatibility.  One of these days I’ll upgrade to a smart phone, but now I just need something I can rely on for talking and texting (my phone can access the internet but I haven’t done much with that).  The grandpa-style phone is fine with me.

That's How I Roll

That’s How I Roll

So far I’ve been satisfied.  The calls are clear and I have no problems sending or receiving text messages. We even decided to buy a sim card for my wife’s cell phone (brought from the Philippines). It only took us a few minutes to activate it and she’s also getting a good signal.

I think Straight Talk is definitely worth checking out if you are interested in lower cell phone bills.  Just click here if you are interested.