This morning I finished reading The God Of The Mundane, by my friend Matt Redmond.

I was primarily interested in this book because of my friendship with the author. I met Matt when we were both part of a small campus ministry group at Jefferson State Community College (Birmingham, Alabama). Quite a few of us in that group felt called to do some kind of vocational ministry. Thinking of that time brings back memories of Bible studies, sweet tea, pizza, a Playstation, and countless discussions (ranging from theologically deep to completely frivolous). Memories like these are part of the reason I was drawn to do college ministry.

Matt and I lost touch somewhere between transferring schools and graduating. But we reconnected through Facebook and had lunch together a few years ago. There’s nothing quite like hearing from an old friend and seeing the evidence of God’s faithfulness in his life.

I couldn’t help but think back to our college days as I read Matt’s book. I’m guessing each member of our small brotherhood thought he would set the world on fire within a few years of graduation (I could just be speaking for myself, but I doubt it). I’m not sure if any of us have lived up to such grandiose visions.

But something just as meaningful has happened: most of my college friends have glorified God through faithful, ordinary lives. They are working, raising children, loving their spouses, and serving in their churches (some as pastors). This, Matt argues, is a work of grace we should not overlook.

Consider, for example, Paul’s exhortation to live “quiet lives” (1st Thessalonians 4:11). This and other verses remind us of the humble saints that made up the early church. Most of these believers are historically anonymous, remembered only by God Himself.

The God Of The Mundane is a book about experiencing God in “every single mundane moment.” Matt’s book has much-needed words of encouragement for “ordinary” believers—people who may wonder if their lives really matter.   Read it and you might just start looking at life with a new, child-like wonder.

Note: This book is available in a Kindle Edition.