God blessed me with the opportunity to write Basta LoveLife: Making Wise Relationship Decisions in 2008.  Here’s how this book came about:

I moved to Manila in 2002 to become a campus minister.  A few years later I began doing sexual purity seminars on college campuses using True Love Waits material.  This aspect of my ministry grew beyond anything I would have imagined: I regularly spoke to hundreds of students each year.

I usually ended my seminar with book recommendations.  But there were a couple of issues:

*Most of the available books on sexual purity were simply imports from the USA. In other words, they were not written with the Filipino culture/context in mind.

*Most of the locally published books were written from a female perspective.

I saw the need for a book on sexual purity and relationship issues: one written specifically for Filipinos from the masculine perspective.  I had already been writing articles on this blog for a year or so, and I asked my readers if I should publish.  The responses were so encouraging!  More importantly, I sense that this is something the Lord wanted me to do.

Manila International Book Fair (2009)

Manila International Book Fair (2009)

I already had friends at Church Strengthening Ministry (CSM).  Fortunately, they were willing to take a chance on an unknown author.  We began working on the manuscript, and my friends thought of a catchy title.  The rest is history, as they say.  Basta LoveLife became one of CSM’s best sellers, and I still hear from students who have been blessed by the book.

To God be the glory!