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"He must increase, but I must decrease." -John 3:30

Angeles City: Two Weeks In

I’ve been living in Angeles City for about two weeks now.  So far I’m loving it here–it’s already starting to feel like home.  I’ll share just a few of my impressions:


There’s something innately relaxing about this city.  I have so many of the amenities of Manila without the hassle.  Most of the stuff I need for day-to-day life (grocery store, laundry mat, gym etc) is within walking distance of my place.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to enjoy this more relaxed pace of life.

Night Life:

Angeles City is known as the “entertainment capital” of the Philippines.  We all know this has some (well-deserved) negative connotations.  That’s a spiritual stronghold I may talk about some other time.

But there is an upside to a city that prides itself on partying: most places stay open late.  The mall next to my old place (SM City Manila) usually closed around 9:00 p.m.  I know Manila has an active nightlife of its own, but I’m not really into bar hopping.  Sometimes just I wished there was just a coffee shop or restaurant near my place where I could go in the evening to hang out.  That isn’t a problem here–plenty of places stay open until midnight and beyond.

Expats Everywhere:

I used to go days without seeing another Westerner when I lived in Manila.  Here I see one every time I leave the house (many live near or in my neighborhood).  I talked to a Brit, a German, and two other Americans during my last gym visit.  This has taken some getting used to–kind of a reverse culture shock happening within my own adoptive country.

But Filipinos are still curious as to why I’m here, so I have several opportunities for outreach in day-to-day activities.


People are appreciative (and shocked) when I converse with them in Tagalog.  But there’s also a local language here in Pampanga.  I may try to learn it, but I’m not going to commit to that just yet. 

In Awe of His Divine Direction:

I happened to run across an old email I sent to a friend back in July (my 9-year anniversary here in the Philippines).  Here’s what I told him:

“I’m praying about what God wants out of me for the next few years.  I’m asking Him to show me if there’s a slightly different direction He wants me to go, such as pastoring or starting a new work here in a different part of the Philippines.”

I’m still amazed at the process that brought me here.  The Lord has been so good to me.  

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  1. Hi Kevin! I just came across your blog when I Google searched Angeles City. I hope you are enjoying your stay 🙂 Feel free to visit my blog: where I post about food and dining experiences mostly here in Angeles.

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