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Sending Money Online

A while back I started looking into good options for sending money online.  I usually just use my American ATM card, but the local machines have started adding pretty ridiculous fees.  In other words, I was looking for a more cost effective way to get money to myself here in the Philippines (I plan to open an account here then send money to it as needed).  I was also looking for a way to send money to people here in case there’s some kind of emergency while I’m in the States.

It seems one of the most cost-effective ways is
I’ve tested it once and had a good experience.

Your first remittance to the Philippines fee-FREE.


  1. Hi Kevin

    I am no longer in the Philippines. The situation may be different now. Here are a few things I learnt when I lived there:

    1. ATMs are convenient, but not recommended as a regular means of getting money overseas. Firstly because the transaction costs add up. Secondly because of potential technical problems as losing your card in the ATM.

    2. Electronic transfers to local bank account. Expensive each time a transfer is done, but subsequent withdrawals from the local account are cheap.

    3. Western Union and Padala agents. Often used by Filipinos abroad to send money to relatives in their homeland.

    4. Cheques (or ‘checks’, as Americans spell). US checks from personal accounts are honoured by Filipino banks, if depositing to US dollar accounts. This is also a cheap way to get money across. Cheques from other nations do not work though.

    5. Bank drafts. International Money Order. Quite a pain, because receipient often needs to go to the nostro bank to cash the bank draft personally. However, it works.

  2. JL,

    Thanks for your input. So far the Xoom rates look pretty reasonable: 7.99 for up to 2,999 dollars. That’s much better than the cost of using my American ATM card.

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