I just realized I wrote a 2009 Year in Review post last year. This review won’t be quite as elaborate.

I can say 2010 started off very well. We were working on the book launching for Learning the Hard Way, a project we finished up in ’09.

February was, in fact, kind of a blur—I remember having several speaking gigs and feeling a bit burned out by April/May. I read a book (Leading on Empty) that was very encouraging.

Ministry started up again in June with the new school year. This was my first school year to start off working with University Baptist Church (I started working with them around October of ’09). The partnership with UBC has been wonderful—this fellowship has been a great blessing in my life.

I remember July being especially busy with speaking gigs. I had four or five True Love Waits seminars and returned to Central Philippine University’s Christ Emphasis Week (Iloilo City).

August and September were . . . crazy. I learned I would have to move to a new apartment. The move happened in September. It wasn’t too bad: I just transferred to another unit in the same complex, and I actually like this new place a little better. My students seem to like it as well. Other events made these months crazy, but I won’t go into the details.

It seems things were a little quieter for the last quarter of the year. I was reminded to obey God, even if I don’t “get” everything He’s doing.

A few more lessons/reflections from 2010–here are a few posts I haven’t linked to already:

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This is about the best I can do for now.  Thanks to everyone who has made 2010 an incredible year!