Hey guys,

I thought I’d share a little of what is happening “behind the scenes.”  I know I’ve been kind of quiet on this blog and we haven’t recorded any new shows in a while.

Erwin is finishing the (rigorous) process of ordination with his ministry.   He’s also still working on his church planting ministry and taking care of his family (a wife, two kids, and his parents). 

Before blogging, publishing, or broadcasting there was campus ministry.  That’s still my “main thing,” and I’ve been doing that all along.   I also still answer students’ texts and emails regularly.

In other words, we’ve both been really busy and life has delivered some interesting challenges lately.  

But we haven’t given up on the radio show.  The folks at The Edge have beefed up their staff and I think they’ll be ready to broadcast our show on their website soon.  We’re working on this.  My goal is to have new episodes going again by January.