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"He must increase, but I must decrease." -John 3:30

Christ Emphasis [email protected] (2010)

I have returned from a glorious week in IloIlo City. This was my second time to speak at Central Philippine University’s Christ Emphasis Week. I’m so thankful God allowed me to be a part of it once again.

To be honest, I didn’t feel prepared. I was planning to have a quiet, reflective week of prayer and study before coming. It didn’t happen—a typhoon, brownout, and a seminar all kind of made for a hectic week (the week before this trip). But God is so faithful! The Lord told me not to worry—He told me to go and leave the rest up to Him.

Things were a little different this time around. Last year we only used the main auditorium, so students from the different schools/departments kind of took turns coming to the worship events. This year we had three services going simultaneously during worship times (three different venues). All schools were assigned a daily service time and location. We (speakers) rotated among the different locations, usually preaching twice a day. The end results: 1). Most students attended several services in one week. 2) We (speakers) were able to meet students from every department.

What a week! I’m exhausted and exhilarated at the same time. To God be the glory!

Special thanks to:

Central Philippine University (CPU): the chaplains, faculty/staff, and students. You always make me feel so welcome! I wish I had more time to spend with you.  Note to students: I know many of you made life-changing decisions this week.  Please be sure to join a small group Bible study.

Sevier Heights Baptist Church (Tennessee): this church partnered with CPU to help make this event happen. Some of their members/staff came to IloIlo City to be a part of this week’s ministry. This church also paid all of my expenses (airfare, etc) and kept me very well fed the whole time.

University Church (the [email protected]): the one request I made for CEW was that I be allowed to preach again at University Church’s vesper service–I love you guys!

Highway Evangelical Church: It was an honor to worship with you Sunday morning. I hope to see all of you again—especially if you plan to give me another one of those huge hamburgers.

Harvestfields Christian School (Lambunao): Thanks for inviting us to your anniversary and introducing us to your students.

I’ll try to post a few more pictures over on my Facebook Page.  I didn’t take too many this year because I brought my camera but left my memory card here in Manila (yes, I’m a genius).

I just realized something: this is my 1,000th post.  

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  1. Hi Pastor Kevin, I just discovered your blog. Please browse the “Awakened” video and it shows you as one of the speakers. You may post it here in your blog if you want. Thanks you for coming and sharing your time and God’s message with us.

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