Hey guys,

There are still a few contributors I have not heard from.  I want to make good on my promise to give you a copy of the book, but I don’t have any way to get in touch with you. 

Here are the contributors I haven’t been able to contact–a listing of the stories and the titles I gave them:

Life After Abortion
This is is a story of a young woman who went overseas (OFW), got pregnant, and decided to get an abortion after returning to the Philippines.

Is She Pregnant?
This young man became sexually involved with his girlfriend and spent some sleepless nights wondering if she was pregnant.

Pregnant and Abandoned
The story of a woman who is raising her son by herself after being abandoned by her boyfriend.  This is the only contribution from a Westerner (non-Filipino).

Dangerously Close
A student gets physically and emotionally intimate with her high school crush after they graduate.  But they only have an “MU” relationship.  The relationship lasted for years and she was “dangerously close” to giving him everything.

Here are some contributors I don’t think I’ve heard from but I’m not sure (can’t remember):

Choosing Blindness
A young woman decides to stay in a relationship even though she sees clear evidence he is already married.

The Doomed Office Romance
A Filipina entertains an older Western man despite the fact that he is 100% pure jerk.

If you contributed one of these stories, please get in touch with me.  Email (re-send) the original story to me to verify you are the one who sent it.