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13 Year Old Father: The Truth

Anyone remember the story of Alfie Patten, the so-called “13-year-old father?”

I wrote my thoughts on this last February, expressing skepticism and sadness about the story.

Turns out I was right, but the truth is still tragic.  DNA test revealed the child’s father is Tyler Barker, age 14 (at the time of the child’s birth–he was only 13 at the time of the child’s conception).

You can read the whole story HERE.

I realize this is “old news.”  I meant to write about it back when I first followed up.  But I bet many of you have forgotten about it.

I just want to encourage everyone to think about two things:

1. The consequences of premarital sex are very real.

2. Not every sensational story you read is true.

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  1. I remember this story but isn’t expecting this one.

    You know, there’s a local show in the afternoon here that has a love story triangle of three 12 year old classmates. I’ve been telling my mom how badly this show will influence our young.

    The young girl in the story seem to have nothing else in mind but this boy that she likes and she is only 12! As if there’s nothing else in the world that could matter more.

    Not good at all.

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