Pastor Kevin Sanders

"He must increase, but I must decrease." -John 3:30

Learning the Hard Way: In Stores Now!

LearningtheHardWayWhat happens when we don’t use our heads in matters of the heart?  What happens when we ignore biblical wisdom in relationship decisions?  You guessed it–we learn the hard way.

Read this book and see my response to true stories.

Learning the Hard Way is now in stores!

This book is available at Philippine Christian Book Stores, National Bookstores and other major retailers–anyone who sells Church Strengthening Ministry publications.


  1. Hi kuya KEVIN! I’ve bought a copy of your book in PCBS branch in SM MARILAO,BULACAN last SUNDAY. LUCKILY, I’m the ONE who manage to buy the last stock available in that particular PCBS branch 🙂

    I’d finished reading your book last TUESDAY night, the content of your book has brought me several REALIZATIONS and I’ve been encouraging my friends and many others to buy your WONDERFUL book! 🙂

    I must say that I can relate to some of the TRUE STORIES you published there and even brought my self into TEARS without me knowing it…


  2. Thanks for the encouragement, KC!!

  3. Good to hear that Kevin 🙂

  4. thank you kuya kevin at sa mga tao na nasa likod ng mga story na nsa book..grabe madaming tao,specially mga youth ang siguradong makakarelate dito..kip up the good work..God bless u ol guys..

    ghie_ ^_^

  5. hi kuya kevin i bought a copy of your book last january and your book is a big help for me as youth leader in our church your book serve as a guide and warning for me and to other young people.God bless!

  6. Ainz,
    Thanks for the encouragement–I’m glad you like the book!

  7. hi kuya…

    i have partially read your book and inspired me a lot so decided to follow your counseling on your blog..

    it is really a big help for people who had troubles concerning their lives.. and words from you with concerns to God’s words are really an eye opener to everyone who will read your counseling through your blog and the books you have published..

    God is so good for HE had used you to encourage and give hope to people like me who felt no hope and almost give up to the challenges of life..

    Keep it up and i know that God will continue to bless you..

  8. Glad you are enjoying the book. Thanks for your kind words!

  9. Hello Kuya Kevin! I buy your book last Oct 07. Almost three months ko na syang hinahanap sa bookstore pero laging out of stock. And when the day I saw it on the bookstore I buy it agad kasi tatlo nalang. Hahah! I finish reading it one day lang. Ang ganda po kasi. Nakakabless lalo na sa gaya kong teenager. May the Lord Bless You. Continue to bless young people with your life. Thanks!

  10. Tepai,

    Thanks for buying and reading! I’m glad you enjoyed the book!

  11. hii kuya kevin! i’m so blessed sa mga libro mo po… lalo n yung learning the hard way, my friend bought it for me..hndi ko inaakalang mgugustuhan ko yun…that’s my favorite book as of now..i love reading books lalo n yung mga ktulad ng sa learning the hard reading it again and again..paalala na rin sa akin yun, pra hndi n ako umabot pa sa mga situations na pagsisisihan ko…learning from other’s mistakes is enough..God Bless you kuya Kevin!

  12. Thanks–I’m honored to hear that you liked the book!!

  13. kuya kevin, may tnong po ako. what does “crossing the line” means?

  14. by the way, i’m looking forward to your next book!!! ^_^

  15. Hi Hannah,

    It could mean many things. But I guess I have used “crossing the line” as an expression to mean something has gone too far.

  16. Meron ba kayo e-book ? Regards from Denmark

  17. Hi TomLyn,

    At this time the book is only available in “hard copy” form. Maybe at some point we can release it on Kindle, but it’s not available in that format right now. Blessings!

  18. hi kuya kevin. i really loved your book. we got it from our speaker in our church, ate claire from Ireland, if you could remember her she told us that you two have been talking and discussing about your book “basta lovelife” and thats what she shared to us last night. and gave the Youth members a copy of the book. 🙂

    the book is so nice and full of wisdom and knowledge. but im hoping that we maybe can talk thru chat or maybe messaging for I have so many questions flying in my mind about LOVE, relationships, commitments and many more 🙂

  19. I’m glad you liked the book. Feel free to email me any time.

  20. For my daughter who loves a naughty guy, my advise for her is I told her that a true love does not require gifts, but love instead. Maybe I am old fashion. I think that gifts should come from the heart and not the store. Myself, I am perfectly fine with a flower picked from the side of the road versus a rose bought from the store. My husband is the same way, he would much rather me cook him a good special dinner instead of “wasting money” as he says.

    I’m sure in time my daughter will learn the hard way that money doesn’t buy happiness. Until she learns that, she’s going to be broke a lot.

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