Pastor Kevin Sanders

"He must increase, but I must decrease." -John 3:30

The Price of Purity

Let’s face it: there’s a price to pay for about anything worthwhile. Sexual purity is no exception.

Here’s a simple example:

I’ve heard from several young women who are still saving their virginity for their future husbands. Do you know what almost all of them have in common? They’ve broken up with boyfriends who were pressuring them to have sex. This of, course, is a smart move—letting go of a temporary relationship in exchange for lifetime benefits of sexual purity (not to mention avoiding the spiritual, emotional, and physical consequences of premarital sex). Simply put, it is a price they are willing to pay for the sake of purity.

So here’s my question: what price are you willing to pay for purity?

Are you willing to break up with Mr. Bolero?

Are you willing to get an accountability partner and honestly talk to him/her about your struggles?

Are you willing to endure peer pressure and be teased by your friends?

Are you willing to avoid sexually explicit materials (internet, magazines, movies, etc) that sabotage your commitment to purity?

These are just a few questions you need to honestly ask yourself.

Purity doesn’t happen by accident.

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  1. Purity is priceless. And I agree with you that purity doesn’t happen by accident; it is a choice and that is a choice that guys must respect.

  2. The list of hardest questions one should face and answer!

  3. Very good topic, and hard questions to answer, but necessary for purity!

  4. Iam willin to do! thanks kuya kenvin!

  5. There can be no crown without a cross
    that was what joseph went through in Gen. 39:7-20, despite all the suffering he went through for the seek of purity and at the end he receive his crown.

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