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"He must increase, but I must decrease." -John 3:30

Dennis Sy: Four Things to Consider Before Entering a Romantic Relationship

A great article from pastor Dennis:

Four things to consider before entering a romantic relationship


  1. I went to see the link. I’ve considered all of that with the guy i like and he passes all that and yes at no. 4 and it’s actually driving me crazy.

    I have something to say about no. 3 though. I’ve gotten a lot of advices from people to go for a rich guy BUT here’s my take on it. Even if you go marry a guy who has money, if you both will not be careful with it or handle it careless, in no time, you’ll be broke too BUT let’s say..the guy isn’t rich, doesn’t have all that money BUT when you marry you help each other to get income OR manage your money well…then at least (if you don’t get rich) you won’t get despicably poor.

  2. Great reminder why it’s hard for Christian single women to get married. I don’t mind waiting though.

  3. He should have added: “mahal ka rin ba?” hehehe…that is always the problem, it seems.

  4. as a future helpmate, it would also be wise to consider if you will be happy helping him or supporting him in his line of work 😀

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