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Most Teen Pregnancies in the UK end in Abortion

Disturbing news from the UK:

Most pregnancies among girls under 18 ended in abortion last year. 

Out of around 40,000 pregnancies more than 20,000 were terminated – the first time more had chosen this option than become mothers.

The figure is higher than 2007, when it just hit 50 per cent, and consistent with a steady upwards trend since the Government started its controversial Teenage Pregnancy Strategy in 1999.

Figures out on May 21 will also show that for the first time the number of abortions performed on women living in England and Wales topped 200,000.

The teenage pregnancy strategy, which has cost taxpayers more than £300million, was meant to halve the number of conceptions among girls under 18 in England between 1998 and 2010.

Excerpt and image from Daily Mail

Read the whole article and you’ll see this has come after an aggressive government campaign to promote contraception use among teens.  Think about it . . .


  1. First of all, I’m not against contraception as it helps families to plan. What saddens me in this post is the fact that the govt hasn’t done anything to prevent abortion from happening (e.g. make abortion a crime, close all abortion clinics, etc.). It saddens me all the more as these “girls” resort to this maybe because they’re given the idea that it’s normal, maybe because their families reject them and a lot more reasons which can only be solved inside the family. Parents must start to build and teach the right culture to their kids even if they’re still young.

  2. Mike,
    I agree. I’ve clarified the post just a little to say, “promote contraception among teens.

  3. I think that the best thing is still to talk to teens and discuss/tell/educate them about the consequences of pre-marital sex and unwanted or teenage pregnancy.

    I agree with Mike too. Young people do it because they’re taught that it’s ok and normal.

    Contraceptives and condoms have been proven to not have 100% accuracy in preventing unwanted pregnancies.

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  5. Hi! soo you think my blog looks too “busy”…? but, i’m just expressing what i feel on my blog… anyhow, i appreciate your advice… maybe your right… maybe i should try removing some unnecessary things on my blog… thanks!!!:)

    Um, regarding this post about abortion… all i could say that it is soo inhuman… but it’s useless to say this nowadays… co’z people, though aware of abortion being soo inhuman, still doing it repeatedly….

    thanks again… bye… peace and light to you…!:)

  6. hi have you watched the news a while ago, about hayden kho’s mother defending him live at news having a rosary and a bible with her.

  7. It is very unsafe and teens should be taught effectively for such wrong doings.

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