The past 10-11 days have been crazy–several True Love Waits presentations. Locations included universities, high schools, and a couple of church groups.  I still have a few more speaking gigs later in the week, but (fortunately) things have slowed down a bit for this week.

Thank you to all who invited me and attended!  It’s been a pleasure to meet so many new students in such a short time.   Special thanks to everyone who bought books. 

I’ll probably use some of your questions for the Basta LoveLife show (don’t worry, your question will be anonymous).  Please give the podcast a try–it’s 100% free. 

If you have a question but you didn’t get to ask it, just email me.  I’ll answer it as quickly as I can. 

I give God all of the glory–after all, I’m an introvert who is terrified of public speaking.