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"He must increase, but I must decrease." -John 3:30

Brown is Beautiful (Part 2): Airbrush Tans

It happened again today–someone told me she would love to swap skin color with me.  “Mas gusto ko ng kulay mo (I’d rather have your color),” I responded.

Filipinos’ quest for white skin really amuses me.

Then I see this tonight while channel surfing: airbrush skin tans.  It’s apparently become really popular in Hollywood.

Don’t forget: brown is beautiful!


  1. p.s. i wonder how much an airbrush tan costs and how long it lasts…hmm 🙂

  2. I just watched a show last night that featured a brown girl who changed her color too and feels prettier because she’s whiter now.

    We always forget that it depends on who is looking.

  3. I must decline to say that “beauty is on the eye(s) of beholder” co’z it’s an insult to blind people.Well,we,Filipinos look ugly with brown skin due to our physical feature(s).They look clean and neat if they have light nor white skin.But for me,europeans/americans look snowman and so disgusting with their white skin,but they look attractive (even more)if they are tanned..

  4. Your statement sounds kind of harsh. I think maybe you mean Filipinos don’t appreciate their own physical features and very pale people look unappealing to you. Careful with such strong words, my friend. I don’t think you mean to come across that way.


  5. Oh no, this is not only confined to Hollywood… You can go into almost any tanning salon in a good-sized city and get airbrushed. Seriously.

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