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Baby Born Alive; Allowed to Die in Botched Abortion (Florida)

There’s a new story coming from Florida, USA.  A young woman decided to have a late-term abortion.  The doctor gave her the normal prescription drugs to induce labor and instructed her to meet him at a clinic the following day.  She did go into labor the next day, but the doctor was late.  The baby was born before he could tear it apart inside her womb (the normal process of a late-term abortion).  The young woman saw the baby struggling to breathe, but it was put in a plastic back and thown away like a piece of garbage by staff members at the clinic. 

You can read the whole horrific story here. 

This just breaks my heart.  Here’s my question:  what’s the difference between killing a baby inside the womb and killing one outside the womb?  


  1. There’s no difference.

    Instead of framing the argument that it is a woman’s right to choose, how why not think in terms of a baby’s right to live?

  2. as a mom, i don’t need to read the full story, your summary already breaks my heart.i feel bad for all people involved in doing such crime.:(

  3. What’s more inhumane, taking the life of a full grown man who can fight for it or taking the life of an innocent one who can’t and was never even given a chance to?

  4. I wish Mr. Obama will be able to read this horrible news. He supports abortion.

  5. I could not imagine to what depths their conscience must have gone.

  6. How absolutely horrible. I cannot bear to read the entire article…

  7. wish didn’t read the whole story, why they just don’t give their child for adoption…

  8. I cant find any difference between killing a baby inside the womb and killing one outside the womb, huh?, its very awful. Actually, I don’t know yet the feelings of getting pregnant since I do not have any experience about it. They already did the first mistake, and why followed another one. I couldn’t imagine myself doing that way. If ever I can have such experience (because we doesn’t know what will happen next), and be blessed with a baby, why not let him/her show the world, it would be my pleasure to be a mother someday.

  9. the difference is if you kill the baby inside the womb, it’s just abortion. if you kill it outside, it’s murder.

    in the first case, the pro-abortion people will applaud your progressive stance. in the second, you’re jailed for life.

  10. I am pro abortion, but VERY MUCH against late term abortions. For once I have to agree with you, this is a sickening story.

  11. when a fetus can live outside the womb in my opinion it is murder. Obviously, this is not possible for those within the first three months, hence my pro-choice stance for such cases.

  12. Anonymous,

    I obviously disagree with you regarding “early” abortions. I don’t see any justification for killing a human life with a heartbeat, brainwaves, etc (which happen long before the third trimester).

    Regardless, I’m glad you dropped by my blog.

  13. This is a good video clip on abortion out from the mouth of a 12year old girl.
    I would love to see a Filipino version of this.

  14. To anonymous,

    A fetus even at it’s first week is already a living thing, it grows and develops, a living thing that has life, a human life.

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