Pastor Kevin Sanders

"He must increase, but I must decrease." -John 3:30

Rooftop Reflections


O Lord, our Lord, your majestic name fills the earth!
Your glory is higher than the heavens.
You have taught children and infants
to tell of your strength,

   silencing your enemies
and all who oppose you.
When I look at the night sky and see the work of your fingers—
the moon and the stars you set in place—
what are mere mortals that you should think about them,
human beings that you should care for them

-Psalm 8:1-4

I mentioned wanting to spend more time on my rooftop.  Here I am now, writing this post.  I am blessed to live in a 25-story condominium.  I often joke that I have a lovely view of the Pasig River (a heavily polluted river that runs through the city).  All kidding aside, my rooftop does provide a unique perspective of the city: lights, cars, and buildings as far as you can see.   It really is something to behold.

Coming up here helps me put things in perspective:

*Lizards scampering on the walls make me think of a previous post.

*I’m reminded of my own insignificance in the grand scheme of things, which helps me not to take myself too seriously.

*I’m reminded to view life with a certain of awe and wonder as our Creator intended.

*I get a tiny glimpse of the greatness of God, which deepens my sense of reference for Him.

*I fathom the size of God’s heart—a heart big enough to individually love everyone in this sea of humanity below me.

*I think about the awesome task of reaching the multitudes with the gospel.

*I consider how meaningless all the busyness, commotion and “progress” is if life is lived without God.

It’s now almost 1:00 a.m.   Yesterday’s Baguio adventure (and bus rides) has altered my biorhythms to a more nocturnal schedule.  But I think I can get to sleep soon, so I’ll go back to my apartment.  I’m glad I decided to come up here tonight.  I’ll be back soon.


  1. Ganda ng view.

    Reminds me of the “Antipolo Overview” where you’ll see the whole Manila and Makati.

    Was a bit foggy when we went there but when the clouds cleared, ang ganda.

    Makes one think of the beautiful earth God’s created us if only we’d value the Creator more and what he’s made.

  2. I do enjoy your insights into life, whether from a conference or from a rooftop. Keep writing and inspiring!

  3. I agree. When i go up to our terrace and look at the sky above, I see the wonders of God’s love.I see his warm welcome, his arms bigger and more spacious than the sky. I feel comfort and love, mercy and care. Being in our terrace, I can feel peace and silence. I say to myself, I know this is not the only place to worship but in this place i can put aside all the stress, all the problems in life. In this place, i can shout as loud as i can of my worries and pains and ask God to heal me and comfort me because i need Him more than anything. In this place, God shows me How great HE is, How awesome his love is and how I can trust him on anything. Truly God is so great. Truly, God is so wonderful.

    Praise the Lord for his greatness and His forever guidance and help in everyday life!

  4. I’m late I know, but this was inspiring! Now I want a rooftop view too 😉

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