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LJ Salceda Writes about Single Parenting

LJ Salceda has written another great article! It is called To Stay or Not to Stay, and you can read it here at Mom’s magazine.

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  1. i loved that article…please tell her for me. it touched my heart and gave me hope that the choices i make right now has an impact on my child in the future…and im thankful i’m making those godly choices….as a single parent myself, i know the MANY sacrifices it takes to parent solo. but God’s faithfulness & grace is sufficient when our weakness ends.

    single parents are my heroes…because it really is the hardest thing to do in the world.

  2. Beautiful story.

    I left a comment on her multiply.

    LJ is an awesome girl!

  3. Thanks mga kapatid! Glad you appreciate it.

    Kuya Kev, when I become super successful, super rich, and super famous can I hire you as my public relations officer? He, he, he! 🙂

    Thanks po for all the support.


    LJ 🙂

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