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"He must increase, but I must decrease." -John 3:30

Edge Interview and Missionary Moment

The Edge Interview

I had a fantastic time last night at The Edge Radio.  We talked about overcoming heartbreaks.  Owie asked some good questions–I hope I responded coherently in my partially jet-lagged state.  Thanks to all who got online and chatted with us, and thanks for everyone who was listening.

Missionary Moment

Something kind of interesting happened before the interview.  I had a late lunch at Chilli Pepper’s, a little restaraunt located close to the station.  While looking at the menu, I told the cashier I forgot what I ordered last time (I remembered that it was quite tasty, and I wanted to order it again).  “Tuna steak,” said the cashier’s co-worker.  I looked at the center of the menu board, and sure enough, there it was–the dish I ordered about six months ago (before my previous interview).  I was a bit surprised–how in the world did this guy remember my order?

I pondered this while eating.  I vaguely remembered complementing the chef last time I was there (I said masarap, which means “delicious”).  I guess it left more of an impression than I realized.  It was just one more reminder that a Mr. Clean look-alike is never anonymous, even in a city of over 12 million people.



  1. You did great and they were all so nice there. I’m blogging the site.

  2. Amazing that he remembered what you ate.

    But people love to feel special, which is what your comment did for this guy.

  3. It’s quite amazing to me. Especially considering that foreigners are fairly common in that section of the city (called Makati).

    It just reminded me to be careful in how I act as a witness for Christ.

  4. That is pretty incredible….

    We really do ‘adorn’ the doctrine of salvation by the way we act and treat people in everyday circumstances. By the same token, we can easily do much to cause unbelievers to blaspheme the name of the Lord.

    [A bit off topic, but seeing that you mentioned being a witness for Christ, hope you take the time to visit one of my blog friend’s site (she also happens to be from your side of the world 😉 and watch a saddening example of how not to be a witness…

    I watched part of these shocking videos this morning.]

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