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"He must increase, but I must decrease." -John 3:30

The X in Xmas

I used to believe the phrase “Xmas” was somehow disrespectful or a way to remove Christ from Christmas . . . until I learned what the “X” meant.

The “X” in “Xmas” is actually the Greek letter chi, which was a common abbreviation for Kristos (Christ).  This same letter also appears in the Ichthus (fish) acronym:

Just thought I’d let you know that “Xmas” is not blasphemous.


  1. yep! i don’t know how people came to think that it was :/

    anywhoo merry Xmas! 😛

  2. It was because most of the algebraic equations have X as the popular letter in assigning the unknown variable. It is probably just nicer to say Christmas than Xmas unless you know what that person believes in.-
    WVG, L.A.,CA

  3. Well, who knew? Great piece of info to be privy to. I didn’t know that!

  4. My dad have that greek word in some of his woodworks and that fish symbol too.

    I thought Xmas was bad too. Good info. there.


  6. Wishing you the TIMELESS treasures of the world…

    The love of GOD, warmth of HOME, the CARE of FAMILY, and the company of GOOD FRIENDS!

    A joyous CHRISTMAS to YOU and your FAMILY.

  7. i also thought of that. thanks for the trivia.

    Maligayang Pasko!

  8. wahehehe…that was interesting…thanks FYI…merry christmas…^_^

  9. really? nice.
    Merry Chritmas/Xmas to you and your family!

    p.s. i got your book as a christmas gift. yey!

  10. I used to put the “x” in Xmas until someone told me it was wrong to substitute an unknown (the variable x) to something very meaningful.

    Thank you Kuya Kevin for sharing this piece of information =) Merry Christmas!

  11. talaga?its bcoz it’s like your crossing X christ in the word christmas. my aunt says,i obey my elders, not using “xmas” anymore.merry christmas.

  12. Oh well,no matter what we say…We still have to put the missing letter there which is,Christ.Why do we need to substitute it with any letter?Even when we know that it is not bad,still we need to emphasize His name.Take for example when you replace your name with any letter from the alphabet,say,your name will be replaced by the letter X.What would you feel about it?I guess you would not feel right.The same with Christ.It is just a 7 letter word anyway.He gave us His life as a ransom for all the sins we have committed…We do not need to be lazy to write the whole word Christ when we write Christmas,it would never hurt us,and would not cost our lives.After all, the real essence of Christmas is CHRIST.He is the reason why we celebrate Christmas,and He is the reason too why we are here on earth and why we have an eternal life as well.

    Merry Christmas to everyone,especially to you Kuya Kevin.

    From the land of the Free & the home of the Brave-USA

  13. I tend to take shortcuts, especially when it comes to text messaging or chatting.

  14. Absolutely true! Glad you pointed it out too because some Christians get their knickers twisted in a wad every time they hear it. Of course, the deliver may have some other intent when they say Merry X-mas instead of Christmas, but we can be confident that X represents Christ.

  15. Yes, I knew that the ‘X’ was originally “chi” of “chi” – “rho”, Kristos. However, ‘X’, as in “Mr X”, does preserve anonymity for those who do not believe in the Christ.

    Ie. I think that whether X refers to Jesus or not depends a lot on who you are talking to.

  16. ..hello brother kevin..just want to ask questions if christmas is really a pagan..coz the gathering of Christ and they call themselves the Hebrew people and they are trying to debate me that Christmas is bad…it is a pagan…its bad to make christmas tree, santa claus and mistletoe…

  17. Christmas definitely has pagan roots. But for me, here’s the question: would God object to a celebration of Christ’s birth? I don’t think so.

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