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"He must increase, but I must decrease." -John 3:30

Pacquiao Defeats La Hoya in 8 Rounds

Pacquiao has done it again!  He clearly dominated De La Hoya for eight rounds before winning by TKO (La Hoya called it quits).  

Pacquiao looked fantastic–elusive, quick, and strong.  He got better with each round. 

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  1. same old rotten news…

    matalo naman si pacquiao for once, para cool!

  2. Yup, he’s DA Man!

  3. Its a David & Goliath match. Golden Boy was crushed. What a joy to see Pacman going down on his knees first before raising his hand in victory. Great example to everyone.

  4. Idol ko na rin si Pacman kahit na Catholic sya kase talagang nagpray sya kay Lord at nagbigay ng pasasalamat meaning dependent sya kay Lord sa kanyang pagkapanalo although he took trainings. Glory to God talaga. Si De La Hoya naman ay wise sa move nya na itaas ang white flag kase mawawasak lang ang mukha nya, sayang naman ang kagwapuhan nya asset nya panaman tapos talagang di na aabot ng 12 rounds tapos nagbigay din sya ng pagsaludo sa ating pambato. Yun ang tunay na lalaki marunong humarap kung alam nyang talo na sya. Di sya nandaya kaya kahit na natalo para na ring panalo yun, napahalagahan nya naman ang templo ni God at di lubusang nawasak. Talagang Sports lang pero talagang nakakaBless! Sa Diyos ang Luwalhati!

  5. Though I knew who won already, I still watched the replay cuz i missed it, was out all day.

    Though I’m a solid “Pacmanian”, I felt bad din when I saw him beat the Mexican right and left. Pero ang sarap panoorin, di boring.

  6. I can’t help but to feel a bit sorry for De La Hoya. He was such a shining star of boxing once upon a time.

    What will he do now?

  7. How many millions has he made? Somehow I think he’ll survive 🙂

  8. The fight was produced by Golden Boy Productions, Dela Joya’s production company.
    I don’t mean to change the topic but was it only me or did I just saw a preview of the 2010 election campaign right after the fight? 🙂

  9. i missed the game…and it’s quite a shock that i did coz boxing is really the only sport i love to watch. yes. quite sad. coz i had the opportunity to watch it live in vegas and because i could not leave my kids with anyone…i had to turn it down. so i sulked at home that night.

    but i couldn’t help myself…i took a sneak peek in youtube for round 7-8 and i was shouting in my room for joy! contact sports is the bomb!

    yey for pacquiao. he deserves it. his moves were so calculated and smooth. he seems to have mastered his craft. galing!

  10. I cheer for Pacquiao, was it just me? in my limited knowledge of boxing, I wonder why dela Hoya hardly punched back

  11. but it was said by others that it was already scripted….

  12. Anything is possible, but I’m not a big believer in conspiracy theories.

  13. The victory is clearly shown how Prayer works… whatever Faith we have, as long as we Pray by heart, HE is always there to answer. Remember the instruction of his coach..” to remain in the center” reflecting the instruction of Jesus Christ- the Coach of all the Coaches, that we have to focus ourselves unto HIM…He as the center of our Life. There you can see all the angles of life.

    Wengzki Almasco

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