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Waste Management (funny)

I saw this sign at a bus stop on my way to Baguio.  I almost laughed out loud.

For my non-Filipino readers, let me explain this. Lalake is the Tagalog word for man. It’s the men’s room, so nothing amusing about that.

The lower sign?  Well, let’s just say they charge different rates according to what you need to do in the men’s room.  I’ll let you guess which bodily function is more expensive.

There was a table outside where I left my coins.  The woman sitting at the table wondered why the nutty American was grinning to himself and taking these pictures.


  1. Another one one for “Only in the Philippines!” – haha

  2. i think they do that to raise money for the maintenance of that public men’s room…i think you don’t mind that at all but that was funny..^_^

  3. I didn’t mind at all–I just thought the different rates were really funny.

  4. Just raise your eyebrow, nothing we can do about it. Let’s say that it is a housekeeper’s tax or maintenance fee. Or just think that that is better than irrigating the walls? -W, USA

  5. Let me clarify once again: I didn’t mind paying; I don’t mind them charging. I just got really cracked up when I saw the different prices for different “deposits.”

  6. ‘different prices for different “deposits.”‘

    True! ang mura nga nyan eh… sa iba they charge 5.00 (for Dumi)


  7. hmmm. they would have no way of knowing if you will pee and poo at the same time… honesty system works best.

    anyhow, its at very reasonable rates!

  8. oo nga ‘no. How’d they know which you’re going to do there? Do they listen by the door? Ewwww…ang gross! Haha

    this post is funny.

  9. If you poo, the pee comes next. And maybe it’ll take more water to flush both. That’s why it cost more, you know. LOL!!! ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES!

  10. still anonymous

    10/29/2008 at 11:09 pm

    oh dear..

    of pee and poo
    by me and you!

  11. LOL 😀 only in the motherland.

  12. LoL…I’m a filipino but I haven’t seen that kind of sign here, ahmmm until now…

  13. i just love your blog. 🙂

  14. nice one. thanks for staying in the phils. 🙂

  15. It’s a privilege to live here and do what I do 🙂 Thanks for dropping by.

  16. hehehe.. thanks for posting that.. after all its a good business..

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