Pastor Kevin Sanders

"He must increase, but I must decrease." -John 3:30

Road Trip to Baguio

Tomorrow afternoon I’ll be speaking for the Philippine Association of Psycho-Social Helping Professionals (PAPSHP).  This group consists of teachers, guidance counselors, psychologists, social workers, school administrators, snd graduate students in psychology, child study, and guidance & counseling.  I’ll be talking about Integrating Spirituality into Counseling and Personal Transformation (2 seminars).  These subjects are new territory for me, but I pray I can somehow bless those who attend.

I may not be online quite as much over the next few days.  There is life beyond the internet (or so I hear).


  1. God keep you safe til your return.

  2. glad you’re interacting with other “psychosocial helpers” outside the student world. it’s great sharpening time for you. may you learn as much from them as they from you.

  3. Baguio has a nice climate, you’ll love it! Keep safe! Always travel in group when touring the area.- WVG

  4. Hey Kev,

    just be ur usual self, witty and funny.


    keep us updated or else…

  5. that’s great.praise be to God.i’m sure He will be glorified through you.
    blessings kuya.


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