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Pirated Milk

Mengnui Milk, Yili Fresh Milk Tested Positive for Melamine

I’m watching a press conference with the officials responsible for food safety. Two products have tested positive for melamine, the contaminate which has caused so many health problems in China.

Before you panic, these before-mentioned products were apparently smuggled into the Philippines. They are sold in containers with only Chinese characters (no English). The Philippines requires products which are sold here to have English labels. Lessons We Should Learn: 1) Don’t buy Milk if there’s no English on the container’s label 2) Buy your milk at legitimate grocery stores.

The officials held up a long list of products that have tested negative for melamine.  You can visit the Bureau of Food and Drugs for more information.

So far there have been no melamine-related illnesses reported in the Philippines.


  1. maybe we should us milk from trusted brands. like Magnolia, Nestle, and Cowhead. i mean come on! why buy a super cheap milk / food if you are unsure what its contents are and where its made from. use carabao milk instead! lOL

  2. Right, patronize Carabao’s milk it’s fresh, nutritious and we also support the local producers.

    I hate to say this, but the mela – scare has a positive effect on locally produced goods.

  3. I agree with, Jay. I have never tried buying these unknown brands at all.

  4. We’ve got a guessing game here. They reported known products are positive with melamine. They wont say kung anu ano ba yun. The public has to know.

  5. I won’t drink milk anymore! ‘Sides, it’s ot the only source of calcium!

  6. Wahh.. Bakit pati Yakult?

  7. Nope; that one is locally made 🙂

  8. poor China, after the glory of the Olympics…

  9. The first time I saw Yili was in a Watsons store, and then it appeared in Robinsons supermarket where I do my grocery. Although it was a bit tempting to buy since it was really cheap compared to the other brands, two factors prevented me from doing so:

    1. there was no English anything (label, etc.) on the container and,
    2. it was obvious it directly came from China (I didn’t want to risk it since a lot of reports about chemical-containing stuff has been going around).

    I couldn’t convince my sister though to not to buy the milk. Fortunately, nothing has happened to her so far.

  10. we can be so worried about melamine, we may tend to over react. If we get to know the ingredients of the average filipino diet, we would be shocked. No wonder, kidney and heart diseases are common. Not even attributed to melamine… Why not focus on wellness…

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