Pastor Kevin Sanders

"He must increase, but I must decrease." -John 3:30

Confessions of a CyberPastor

I haven’t been on campus for quite a few days.  It is semester break, which means I don’t have usual face-to-face time with students.  Regardless, technology offers many opportunities for me to minister without even leaving my apartment. 

I can think of at least three or four emails I’ve responded to over the past few days–sharing Bible verses, advice, or practical wisdom to those who have questions.

I know electronic communication is no substitute for personal, face-to-face contact.  But I’m thankful for any opportunity God gives me to minister, even if it is through a simple email.  This is what really excites me about blogging–reaching out to those you may never be able to meet in person.  Isn’t technology neat?  


  1. well kuya kevs the fact is there is great need for “Pastors of your kind” hehe! to reach those who are always on the net and more importantly is for those whose on the level of consuming free doctrines that they can find in the web. This is very tragic if these kinds of teachings will spread without guidance and discipleship. keep on reaching them trough the net, redeem the airwaves. God Bless Kuya Kevs! Go Team Likas!papaya hehe!

  2. That is a super fantastic graphic. Where did you get that?

    Also, I agree completely. The opportunities for communication through this “new” technology are pretty overwhelming.

    And I agree that it’s good to constantly ask how the medium affects the message.

  3. Mark,
    I just ran across it on google image search–I don’t even remember exactly what search term I was using. Thanks for visiting.

  4. pls. be encouraged to share your wisdom Kuya Kevin!!!

    it really helps


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