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"He must increase, but I must decrease." -John 3:30

Artist without Arms: The Inspirational Story of Minda Cox

In 1988, a baby named Swapna was born without arms or legs in India, a country where women with disabilities have little control over their lives. She was not given much hope to live.

That same year, a woman named Cathy Cox took a trip to India. Some may have called it coincidence, but God had a plan for the child. . . .

Cox began homeschooling Minda, teaching her how to take care of herself despite her missing limbs. It wasn’t long before it became clear that the girl had a special gift. . . .

Now 20, Minda still has that gift and passion. Her art reflects her quiet and gentle spirit as she glorifies God with every stroke of the brush.

“I cannot run … but my artwork can do all that,” Minda said.

You can read all of Minda’s story here: 
Without arms or legs, art is her expression

As you can see, Minda glorifies God in spite of her disabilities.  What’s your excuse? 

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  1. Even if I can’t walk, her story make me realize how blessed I still am. Can’t imagine not having limbs.

  2. Kuya Kevin thank you for this story. It touches my heart…..I like the story of this child because even if she has no limbs but it is not the barriers to give glory to God…. I realized that I am so Blessed because I am not a disabled person…. I am so happy for knowing that even those disabled people can live just like an ordinary person……


  3. Thanks a lot kuya kevin.

    These made me think that I don’t have to worry about anything in life because God makes the impossible things become possible if we only give ourselves to Him.He’ll make use of what we have not on things that we don’t have.

    Thanks and more power.

    Best regards


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