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TriAxion: Dodge Ball, Lazer Tag and Wall Climbing

A couple of weeks ago I got a text from JaeDee of the Edge Christian Radio:

JaeDee:  Kevin, do you do wall climbing?
Kuya Kevin:  In case of fire and large dogs, yes.

She invited me to be a member of the Edge’s team for TriAxion event.  We competed with other teams in dodge ball, lazer tag and wall climbing.  We had a great time!  The Edge won second place in wall climbing and tied for third overall.  Here are a few pictures:

 I haven’t played dodge ball since junior high.  My strategy was the same one I use for bowling–just throw it as hard as I can. 

 Lazer Tag was incredibly fun.  I love this picture–you’d never know I was about to get slaughtered by a bunch of 14-year-olds.  I scored dead last my first game (#12 out of 12 players).  I did better in round two (#6 out of 12).

DJ Owie’s four year old son was with us.  I think we influenced him–Kristo had a full head of hair a few minutes before we took this picture.  He asked his mom to take him to the barber shop for the kalbo (bald) look.

This was my first time ever to do wall climbing, but I made it up in a respectable amount of time.

I think I kind of have a knack for climbing walls–maybe I can be Gagamboy’s arch-enemy if ever there’s a sequel. 

Check out the The Edge Christian Radio’s website soon for more pictures of the event.  You can also check out the Edge Multiply Website (pictures are already posted there).


  1. Hey Kuya Kevin, you are an awesome battler!!! Thanks for sharing your time with us again and for all the kwento. Remember the goal is NOT to be KULELAT!!! Hahaha 🙂
    message from jaeDee of The Edge Radio…

  2. Thanks for inviting me!

    And thanks for adding to my Tagalog vocabulary 🙂

  3. hey congrats to your team–you guys were awesome. 🙂

    i competed too, under the team bloodlust. :p it was a great dayyy. i hope they have a similar competition again.

    take care!

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