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Male Bonding and Mixed Martial Arts: The URCC University Challenge

I invited Joel and Erwin (ministry teammates) to join me for the latest Universal Reality Combat Championship (URCC) show. This event was their annual University Challenge–fighters representing rival colleges. Here are a few pictures:

Evangelism Research–sponsored by Colt 45 (Joel, me, Erwin).
Pre-fight Fun: the object was to hit a tennis ball into buckets on the floor with a ridiculously huge tennis racket.
 The pre-fight show was a bizarre rap routine.
First Match (which ended in a tap-out due to a rear naked choke).

I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect from this event.   I was afraid “university challenge” might mean a glorified frat war.  I was pleasantly surprised: there were 13, 2-round matches, and almost all of them were worth watching.  The fighters were not professional caliber, but most of them looked like they’d put some time into training.

The low point was an “exhibition match” in which one of the fighters was a random guy in blue jeans.  The match was apparently a result of a spontaneous challenge between a couple of guys in the audience.  This was clearly a mismatch–the guy in blue jeans lost the match and a front tooth (he proudly smiled to show off his war wound).

I’ll try to catch their next event.


  1. What was that, a big tennis racket?

  2. Yes, at least, I’m assuming that’s what it was 🙂 I’ve added a few words to the caption to clarify.

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