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"He must increase, but I must decrease." -John 3:30

Bloggers, Win My Book!

I’ve decided to try a new advertising strategy.  I’m going to randomly give away copies of my book to those who advertise my blog.  Here’s how you can win a free, autographed copy, shipped to the address of your choice:

1. Post one of my banners on your website/blog.  In order to be eligible, you have to put a banner on your website (not just a text link).  For those using blogger, I’ll also count those who ad my blog to their blog list widget (a feed–not just at text link).

2. I’ll monitor my statcounter statistics.  If I see a hit from your blog, you are eligible to win.  I’ll simply select a blog at random–in theory, low traffic blogs are just as likely to win as high traffic blogs. 

3. If you are selected, I’ll also review and feature your blog along with the win announcement–extra traffic for your blog!  Please remember I am a Christian–I will not promote blogs/websites with questionable content. 

4.  I’ll be giving away a book every month or so. 

I like this idea because everyone wins.  Posting a banner costs you nothing.  If you happen to win my book, great!  If not, you’ll be helping your friends by directing them to some solid, biblical relationship advice.

Hint: another way to increase your chances is to write a post (in addition to the banner on your side bar).  Here’s a sample. 

By the way, please go ahead and buy the book if you were already thinking about it.  If you win, you’ll have an extra gift to give away to a friend. 

Here are the banners. Just copy the html code and paste it into your website.

Want a different size? Just let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

Copy this code to your website to display this banner!

Copy this code to your website to display this banner!

Copy this code to your website to display this banner!

Copy this code to your website to display this banner!

Copy this code to your website to display this banner!


  1. wow! nice nice kuya kevin! first one to post your banner…=)

  2. whaaahhh. i’ve had your banner on my friendster page months for months already… hehe. ^___^

  3. im living here in south korea, can i join too?

  4. haha cge i will kaya lang wala namang laman blog ko

  5. Dianne,
    Yes, you can join.

    Thanks so much for your support. I’d really prefer blogs (or at least multiply pages). I’m not sure there’s much way to review and promote a friendster profile.

  6. you don’t have to give me a book. I’ll post coz I admire what you do for God. 🙂

  7. I think this is a great way to promote the book even if you don’t get back what it cost you. You’re dedicated talaga to your cause. Ang bait mo talaga.

    God bless all your efforts 🙂

  8. Question, Multiply doesnt allow HTML on the main page? any chance of putting this banner as a widget? =)

  9. I’m not tech-savvy enough to create widgets, but I’ll see what I can do. This is one of the advantages to having your own blog vs multiply.

  10. I just put your banner on my blog. 🙂
    I’m interested with the book and I hope I’d win. hehe

    your ad is located here

  11. Posted it on my multiply 🙂

  12. yey it worked! =)

  13. I had it posted na…

    my blogspot is linked with my multiply acct din so double promotion na yun ha!

    hehe… hoping to win one for my boyfriend. 😀

    God bless you kuya Kevin!

  14. I posted it on my multiply. here it is:

    yey! ^^

  15. i have already posted the banner on my account in friendster. i really hope to win some of your books.. thank you! God Bless

  16. wee. i had your banner posted. 🙂
    my friend says you’re one cool speaker.

  17. hi kuya kevin!
    my name is Pam..
    I have posted your banner on my blog.
    I am a newbie personal blogger though..
    I have read some of your articles and they were very enlightening.
    I will continue reading..
    thanks a lot and more power

  18. Thanks for joining, Pam!

  19. i’ve posted the html onto my friendster profile page…

    in Love always,

  20. i’ve posted the html code onto my friendster profile and i’m currently opening my blogs in multiply, facebook and blogspot to include them as well..

    i don’t know if anyone reads my blogs so if i win that book, i’ll take it as “yes, may nagbabasa!”

    more of Christ’s power to you, kuya kevin..

    in Love always,

  21. hi kuya kevin
    thanks for accepting my multiply invite.
    i added the banner to my multiply site.
    i’m praying i’d win your book
    take care kuya

  22. HI Kuya Kevin,

    Nice Blog!

    been eyeing this blog for quite some time.

    Added your link and ad on my blog. I just moved from Blogger to WordPress so it may take some time for the traffic to come in again.


  23. kung me friendster kayo u can post it as a comment to your friends or in your profile(as for me nilagay ko un under my account:mayo). if you got no blog like me, there are some ways where this banner can be visible.. i just really wanna help out in your campaign…kuya, keep up the good work. [email protected]

  24. Hello Kuya Kevin. Posted your ad at my sidebar! 🙂 You can view it by clicking my URL.

  25. hi! i added your button to my sidebar and i added you to my blog roll too… 🙂 ive been here to your site before, but now, ill be here more often since you are now in my blog roll too!

  26. I already won your book. 🙂

    I posted your ad at my friendster account. 🙂

    God bless you more Kuya in your ministry. 🙂



    hi there! i’ve been reading your articles for some time now. i like them!

  28. hey Kuya! i’m an avid fan of your blog since march 2009. i just learned it from a college friend.i just got the courage now to give a comment =) i already have a copy of your book this first week of june only. i told my father to buy one for me since i am here in dubai for more than a year now. my uncle brought it here when he came back from the Philippines (yipeee!)your book is so important and precious to me coz it really inspire me and helps a lot in making my own relationship decisions on a Christian way. i love reading your blogs and ur book but my ex-boyfriend doesn’t want to return it back since i let him lend it coz i think it will help him more in making wise relationship decisions the next time. he’s so makulit and even said that he won’t return it anymore coz he really like the contents of ur book and he also said that he wants to share it with his co-workers and friends.i’m so happy with what he said. we are good friends now. we decided to be like that when we broke up just more than a week ago. i know God has a better plan for both of us.i told him,maybe this is God’s way in molding us into a better person.and we trust the Lord so much.

    thank u Kuya,you’re truly a blessing to us.i also want to help in campaigning ur blog site.i just don’t know how to add the code above on my friendster account..and u know what..whenever i visit ur blog,i copy and paste them and i send thru e-mail to that ex-boyfriend of mine and to all my friends in my yahoo account to share ur articles and i never forget to put “from KUYA KEVIN” at the end of my e-mail to give credit on u..can i have ur e-mail address kuya so i can send to u all the previous e-mails that i got from ur blog that i sent to my ex and friends so u will believe me..i also have a blog on friendster ( and i want to win ur book so i can have a copy again.but first things first,i have to arrange my friendster account.=)

    God bless u more Kuya Kevin.

    simply me,

  29. I’m not sure it is possible to ad the code on a friendster blog. Thanks for stopping by!!

  30. kuya its me again. i already added ur basta love life banner on my friendster account (on the testimonials and comments portion)… and on my friendster blog —

    thank u Lord for having someone like kuya Kevin.

    i’m really blessed.

    simply me,

    Yet =)

  31. i added your button to my sidebar at

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