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"He must increase, but I must decrease." -John 3:30

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We had our True Love Waits seminar this morning at FEU. This was my first TLW seminar for this school year (but hopefully not the last). Thanks to all the students who attended, and special thanks to the FEU Guidance/Counseling department (including the peer counselors) for making the arrangements.

For those FEU students who could not attend: would you like to have a True Love Waits seminar for your department? Just talk to the dean of your school and let him/her know that I do this seminar free of charge.


  1. hi do you require a minimum number of students to speak to? what if its just 20, a jeepney ride far from the U-belt? and the venue might be shabby..

  2. Email me and we’ll talk about it. The only issue is that some venues are not so good for the audio/visual part of TLW.

  3. hi kuya kevin,
    just wanna let you know that I am so proud to be one of your student 5years ago at FEU i was in 1st college that time. I guess the name of your friend is Megan who lives near at ceu in an apartment before she went back to US. she held a little party. I still have those pictures to keep in my hearts and treasured it. I wish I could also still see her Ms. Megan.. jeeez… Im not quite sure about her name. Thank you for your words are very insipiring to all of us…

  4. Lauren Reagan is the one you are talking about 🙂

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