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Study: TV Programs Favor Non-Marital Sex

New Parents Television Council Study Reveals TV Favors Non-Marital Sex:

Across the broadcast networks, the new PTC report found that verbal references to non-marital sex outnumbered references to sex in the context of marriage by nearly 3 to 1, and scenes depicting or implying sex between non-married partners outnumbered similar scenes between married couples by a ratio of nearly 4 to 1.

See the study here.

This study is based on American television. I have mentioned it because I have American readers and because many of the same TV shows are also playing here.


  1. what’s an “S” and a “D” descriptor? Family Hour programs showing a higher proportion of non-marital sex references? wow, would their study include Disney Channel?

  2. I’d have to go back and look, but I’m assuming that this study focused on the main networks.

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