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"He must increase, but I must decrease." -John 3:30

For Women: Quote from Danielle Crittenden

Danielle Crittenden on the costs of being “liberated”:

Of course, we may continue to do as we do now and pretend that women are every bit as sexually free and nonchalant as men. But if we do wish to carry on with this pretense, then we should not express astonishment or resentment when men behave more badly than they used to, or show less inclination to stay with us, or that sex generally feels more meaningless. After all, when something becomes widely and cheaply available, its value usually goes down too.

By denying these differences (between men and women), we prolong the period when we are sexually vulnerable; we waste the opportunity in our passionate youth to find lasting love and everything that goes with it–home, children, stability, and the pleasure of sex as an expression of profound, romantic, and monogamous love. We have traded all this away for an illusion of sexual power and, in doing so, have abandoned the customs that used to protect and civilize both sexes, that constrained men and women but also obliged them to live up to their best natures. We might now be more free. But we enjoy less happiness, less fulfillment, less dignity, and, of all things, less romance.

Quoted from:WHAT OUR MOTHERS DIDN’T TELL US: Why Happiness Eludes the Modern Woman

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  1. used to be that ‘liberation’ for women meant the right to vote, right to equal opportunities like work and education, self-advancement but sadly nowadays –

    you’re a “liberated” woman when you’ve embraced and accepted the notion that “it’s ok now” to sleep with diffrent men, ‘live-in’, do vices as bad as the guys, be as vulgar. Is this advancement? More like a back flip.

  2. I agree with you Thess.

    Of course there should be no double-standards. But I think what we have now is even worse–both men and women have sunk to an equally low common denominator. Sad indeed.

  3. I am of the opinion that being a wife and a mother deserve much affirmation for the influence they bear and the history they shape. Minimize the importance of being a wife and motherhood, and witness the decline of the family and society. Thanks Kevin for your wonderful blog! More power! God bless!

  4. Oh so true lyn/allen so true.

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