Pastor Kevin Sanders

"He must increase, but I must decrease." -John 3:30

“Your Bag is Open”

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard this. Snatchers/pickpockets are a constant threat on the streets of Manila, so I get warned if I leave my backpack partially unzipped. The warning often comes from someone I’ve never met or talked to before.

Today I was blessed by another act of kindness. I had lunch with a buddy of mine after worship. From there we took a taxi over to the mall. Someone caught up with me in the mall and informed me I had left something in the taxi. I ran out and retrieved my sunglasses from the taxi driver, who was waiting with is window open. Two complete strangers went out of their way to keep me from losing my shades.

My point is this: for every one snatcher, there are thousands of honest people here. Let’s not forget this.


  1. there is hope! 😀

  2. amen to that kevin! more pinoys should know this and realize that we have something really good to be proud of!

  3. Amen!We still have some nice people around here.Thanks for sharing that story, Bro Kevin

  4. Thanks for sharing, Kuya kevin…=)

  5. My own experience was when I was working in Makati fresh out of college. A woman called me on the phone at the dorm where I was staying to tell me that I left my wallet in the taxi her husband was driving. This was about 15 years ago when there were only two phones for incoming calls for about 300 dormers and is available only from 8am to 8pm. To get a phone call from that dorm was miracle in itself! I met with the woman at the mall in Guadalupe the following day and got my wallet back with all the contents intact. God bless her and her family 🙂

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