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"He must increase, but I must decrease." -John 3:30

Study Finds Youth More Religious Than Believed

“Worldwide, more than four out of five young adults (85 percent) are religious, and almost half (44 percent) are deeply religious. Only 13 percent say they are not interested in God or faith in general.”

This is an excerpt from a German study which surveyed youth from around the world. You can read more about it here.

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  1. I think being religious is better than not believing in any Supreme, Sovereign Being, still it is not religion which matters but a genuine relationship with Jesus but then, you would already know that reader right?

    you can go with the motions but is your heart is far from truth, what use would that be?

  2. I agree with your point.

    This article simply demonstrates youth’s interest in spiritual things. I thought it was interesting.

  3. Well just reminding myself of the difference 🙂
    I found the article interesting too- it means youth ministry is very fertile ground surprisingly even at this time and age, whatever religion they are clinging to-they are seeking.

  4. thats statistics in Europe, wonder how it is in Asia. Higher I bet, especially in developing countries, I dont have research to prove that though. I just assume- being void of material things, uncomfortable lives make seeking more intense-

  5. The study was worldwide. It was just conducted by Germans.

  6. ooops.

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