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"He must increase, but I must decrease." -John 3:30

Latest Hoax: the July 18th Earthquake Prediction for the Philippines

I’m sure many of you have read the email about the earthquake prediction. According to the email, Juseleeno Nobulega DaRoose has predicted a major earthquake will hit the Philippines on July 18th.

Here are the facts:

*There’s no Brazilian physic named Juseleeno Nobulega DaRoose.

*There is one named Jucelino Nobrega da Luz. He predicted that a major earthquake would hit Indonesia on December 23rd, 2007 (never happened). This is not the only time his predictions have failed.

*He filed a ridiculous 25 million dollar lawsuit against the US government, claiming that he told them the location of Sadam Hussein.

*The Philippines is located along the “ring of fire,” a geologically active area which circles the Pacific Ocean. Minor earthquakes happen daily. Predicting a quake for the ring of fire is kind of like predicting it will rain during the rainy season.

*No one can predict earthquakes: read this for the facts.

*If you’re still foolish enough to believe in this guy, there’s no need to worry: there’s nothing on his website about a Philippines earthquake.

Since this nut-job’s website is in Portuguese, I can’t read it. I’ve asked some missionary friends in Brazil to tell me what they know about him. I’ll update this post if I find out any new information.


  1. hi kuya kevin! yeah true, that’s pure hoax. the first time i heard the news from my mom, haha didn’t believe it.

    but you know what yesterday, i was in school and there was an earthquake! haha. we all felt it. we were in the tenth floor after all. mas malakas makaramdam ang mga taong nasa tuktok ng building haha. ;))

    maybe they predicted too early. haha :))

  2. Its really important to read, research and verify facts before forwarding emails, one like this causes unnecessary stress and panic.

  3. correct! but you know the people out there cannot control their emotions! what if its true?
    Let us be aware in what happen, be updated in the news! or be realistic!

  4. i like the way you laugh, very cute! haha

  5. Actually, he does post his “predictions” in English. I guess this indicates that you don’t research as deeply as some might think 😉

  6. I tried a similar link yesterday and couldn’t get it to work. His page is not easy to navigate if you don’t speak Portuguese.

    Reading his predictions doesn’t change my mind about anything I’ve written in this article.

    I’m not really sure what your point is, but thanks for reading.

  7. lets just believe and keep on praying to God, coz only Him know everything no matter how genius a man is he can never beat GOd!

    good day to all and Godbless everyone!

  8. We have to be prepared no matter when the earthquake comes. It is not who predicted it when but are we prepared for the worst scenario?
    We have to know and act how to prepare in case of a major catastrophe like an earthquake. What are our plans A and B? Sure thing is it will happen sometime somewhere. And the right time to prepare is now!


  9. glad u posted this cuz it came up in one of my dad’s home Bible Studies and he came home asking me to look it up the internet and i remember u wrote an article about a hoax earthquake but didn’t read cuz title already said it’s a hoax…

    told him a friend has the article on his blog so we all read it…now dad knows better…

  10. okay that gives me a little bit a sort of relief,

  11. Don’t believe it; it’s plain nonsense.

  12. predicted or not predicted.. earthquakes are always there… we should or we must be ready for everything happen.., it may not easy but there is nothing we can do about it… all we can do is to pray and pray until we can accept realities and until we can accept the facts that our lives are beyond our control….

  13. July 18th has passed and where is the earthquake that this “prophet” has prophesied? 🙂

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