Pastor Kevin Sanders

"He must increase, but I must decrease." -John 3:30

Extra-Judicial Killing

Generally speaking, I like animals. I don’t mind sharing my apartment with the small army of lizards that live here–they definitely help to control the insect population.

But I have a strict “no rodents allowed” policy. Zero tolerance: violators/intruders get the death penalty.


  1. Hahaha!

    “Zemmiphobia” – fear of the great mole rat.

    Our cat just had kittens. Want one?

  2. No thanks 🙂 But I may get an aquarium one of these days.

  3. haha!

    no mercy…


  4. haha. speaking of which, what a timely post! coincidentally i just pulled a dead rat by the tail this morning and stuck it into a plastic. not with my bare hands of course. haha. i’m sure the cat did it! i couldn’t take the thought of actually putting it away but i was the only one home so who else would?!

  5. havent dropped for quite sometime-this gave me the guffaws! funny! 😀

  6. so how did you get rid of them?
    they are so smart these little pests-we call them “mabait”

    I bought me sticky sheet meant for roaches flies. One mouseling was caught stuck struggled to death. Next time I put a new sticky sheet, i didnt catch any mouseling.
    They think too you know..

  7. I prefer these old-fashioned wooden traps. Put peanut butter on it–they have to lick it off and it sets the trap every time. These traps are kind are kind of hard to find here, though.

  8. how about po guinea pigs? they are considered rodents po dba? naalala ko po tuloy mga alaga q nmatay cla kamakailan lang haiz…kalungkot

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