I always try to bring pasalubong for my teammates when I come back from the States (pasalubong=a “returning home” gift) . There’s a dozen or so of them, so getting something for everyone isn’t always easy. Usually I just bring back a 5 lb bag of starburst (a chewy, sweet candy), rip it open, and let them grab it all up. I should point out that they make sure to distribute it evenly. They even share the sugary spoils with their students.

This year I decided to do something a little different. I bought all of them a bottle of vitamins. I did this in part because vitamins are very expensive here. I’ve never really figured this out.

The vitamins I bought are the generic equivalent of Centrum–the exact same formula. 130 tablets cost about four dollars (about 3 cents/1.3 pesos per tablet). Buy a 300 tablet bottle and its even cheaper.

Locally bought vitamins are a lot more expensive. Centrum vitamins can cost over 10p (22 cents) per tablet if you buy them at a drug store (where they are normally sold in individually sealed packets). I don’t get it.