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"He must increase, but I must decrease." -John 3:30

Frank Floods Manila

Typhoon Frank kept me (and most of Manila) from getting much sleep last night. Usually I can sleep through storms, but not this one. The fierce winds sounded like they would crash through my bedroom windows. I’ve experienced some intense storms before, but this one is something else–12 hours later, the rain keeps coming.

There’s flooding throughout Manila. Here’s some video footage and pictures I took in front of my apartment building:


  1. Wah! I am supposed to move to my new apartment today near the UST but I can’t due to the flood, heavy rains and strong winds. Pft!

  2. it sucks when it rains here. I never thought I’d saw this one a guy from Alabama who’s called kuya! Cool!

    Well I hope “Frank” would go away already.

    visit my spot too!

  3. Kuya –

    Actually, just hopped online to see if you had posted…just got news about the typhoon this morning and they were showing Manila as one of the “hard hit” areas…when they said 152 dead, I really began to worry about you.

    But I should have known that the Angels of the Lord were encamped about the Mighty Kuya Kevin…you are indestructible.

  4. u do know how to siwm, right?

  5. Jason,
    I appreciate your concern, but I was never in any danger. Such storms are inconvenient for me, but they can be dangerous for those who live in substandard housing.

    There was also a ferry boat that sank which was carrying hundreds of passengers.

  6. Once again, classes are suspended. I used to rejoice over an instant holiday as a student but when I realize how many homes and livelihood get destroyed or lives taken..

  7. yehey! umaaraw na!

  8. i praise God because He let us move to a new apartment a week before the storm. Sa luma kasi naming apartment, tumutulo na talaga ang kisame. I really thank God for that!

  9. They suspended the classes. LOL. too late the hero. not one drop of rain on the streets of the metro.

    but i feel sorry for the casualties of the princess of the star tragedy. most of them are families.

    when they looked at the manifesto they saw the same last names of the passengers.

    i had goosebumps.

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