Have you made bad relationship decisions that you wish you could take back? Did you ignore the Bible’s warnings or good advice? Would you like others to learn from your mistakes? Would you be willing to share your story anonymously?

I’m interested in starting a new series entitled Learning the Hard Way. This will be an opportunity for my readers to share personal failures and heartbreaks in a “public/private” way: public in that others can read your story; private in that your identity will remain anonymous.

Here’s are some of the basic guidelines to keep in mind:

*I’ll consider stories from anyone, but I’m primarily interested in hearing from Filipinos.

*Your real name and email will be kept anonymous. I will give you a pseudonym or nickname, and I might give some very general information (example: “John,” a first year college student).

*I’ll be responsible for editing the English.

*In some cases I might ad my own commentary to your story.

*Your story must be submitted through email—not in the comments section here. If you are extremely cautious, just create an free email address for the purpose of corresponding with me.

*You must specifically tell me that you are interested in having this story posted on the blog. I never post the content of someone’s email (even anonymously) without his/her permission.

So, do you have something you want to share? Email me—you might just help others to avoid your mistakes.