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Pinoy Internet Hoax: Art Bell

“A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.”
–Winston Churchill

Churchill’s quote is especially true in the internet age.

There seems to be an internet rumor going around–an old one that is getting “recycled” in friendster/myspace. This rumor concerns Art Bell, an eccentric radio host from Nevada who supposedly wroten a disparaging email about Filipinos. After reading the rumor I did a little research–imagine my surprise when I saw pictures of him with a Filipina wife! Here’s what I found from wikipedia:

In July 2001, the Philippine Daily Inquirer printed an email letter purportedly from Bell that made derogatory statements about Filipinos. This letter was subsequently demonstrated to be a hoax perpetrated upon Bell, who in fact had a publicly loving relationship with his Filipina wife and his previous wife Ramona, who was also Filipina, and who often spoke openly about his admiration for the Filipino people on his radio show.

Here’s a guy that loved his wife (Filipina), spent some time in the Philippines (considered moving there), and married another Filipina. I don’t think this guy hates Pinoys.

Please don’t post/email things without doing a little bit of research

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  1. i think one of the most riduculous emails i’ve received are those that says i’ve won the australian…I’ve never even bought one…and then one of them said , to get my winning money, i have to verify my personality…haha…

  2. You’re right, this issue is being recycled. Found it in a forum (a weeks back) for overseas based Pinoys. I jumped in because one of the post-ers was raving mad about it. [Couldn’t blame him, he was just a kid when it came out in the late 90’s] Other “seniors” also said it was a non-issue, the thread eventually self-annihilated…hahaha..seriously, I can’t understand why this internet rumor has reared up again.

    Makati gal

  3. Anyone who is interested in this story should listen to Bell’s radio show sometime. I mean, an absolutely blast…if you’re into UFO’s, sinkholes that run to the center of the earth, a mysterious Planet X that threatens to sweep into our solar system and destroy us, etc.

    Funny thing is, he’ll make a believer out of you for a couple of hours…until the show is over and you’re like, “How did he ever even have me considering such nonsense??!!”

    A really fun show though…the only one of its kind.

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