It’s always nice to get feedback like this!

Doris, age 29, originally from Quezon City, now living in North Carolina (USA):

An easy to read, insightful book about relationship, sex and related topics targeting young readers. I learned a lot reading it even as a married woman.

I applaud Kevin Sanders for in-depth understanding of the Filipino culture, making this book very applicable to the lives of our youth.

The topics are very direct, to the point, and backed up with the Scriptures. It made me wish I had read this book when I was younger. Raised as a pastor’s kid, talking about sex was taboo back then, resulting in my limited knowledge of the topic.

My favorite part is the last chapter. It talks about the ULTIMATE LOVELIFE, everyone should have. It is knowing and accepting Jesus Christ and making Him as your Lord and Personal Saviour. What a perfect way to end a book about lovelife!

Lila, age 25, from Mabini, Batangas:

1. It’s a light read..Despite the seriousness of the topic/s the book came off as something that’s easy to understand, to relate to and (of course) easy to read…

2. It’s not judgmental..Like if someone just buys your book without knowing you or without fully knowing where the discussions will lead to (you know, people who are not into “this type” of reads), they will not be “burned” because the book is not “preaching”. It’s also far from being accusatory. It is informing (and a good one at being informative).. And it feels like it is just conversing with its readers.

3. It’s practical. It gives practical advice on how to deal with things. What’s nice is that these practical tips are supported by the Scripture (or vice versa) and the advice is very “Filipinoish.” ( I think you have fairly mastered the Filipino ways.)

4. It’s thought-provoking (at least to me). It evokes reaction like Is that so?, Oh really(?)-I was not aware of that, But…, What if…

5. It’s really a big help for your target readers. The book is so right-on.

6. And it’s really nice that the author of the book is empathetic.

I’m thankful to these reviewers for their kind words.