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Movie Review: Expelled

Movie Review: Expelled

Does Darwinian evolution completely answer all questions about the origins of life?

Did Darwin fully understand the amazing complexity of life (even at the cellular level)?

Do new scientific discoveries support or debunk Darwin’s theories?

One would think these are legitimate scientific questions worth pondering. One would also think that America would be the ideal place for such debates to take place.

Tragically, the current academic, scientific, and media institutions in America have systematically stifled this discussion. The powers that be have decided that Darwin had the final say, and scientific theories must not evolve (pun intended). Expelled is Ben Stein’s exposé on the shocking consequences that come to those who dare question any of Darwin’s theories (which are now well over a hundred years old).

Stein interviews professors, scientists, and journalists who lost their careers over two words: intelligent design. These brilliant men and women were not promoting creationism or religion. They were terminated, ridiculed, and blacklisted for simply entertaining alternative explanations to Darwinian evolution. Apparently the “land of the free” no longer tolerates freedom of scientific contemplation.

Go watch it. Be prepared for some thought-provoking and surprising quotes from both sides of the evolution debate.

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  1. we had this movie for our film showing at the church back to back with “Most” for evangelistic purposes

    Love this Movie=p

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