Pastor Kevin Sanders

"He must increase, but I must decrease." -John 3:30

Children Having Children; Children Killing Children

I just read this story about a fourteen year old student who gave birth in the school bathroom, then drowned her baby in a toilet. This makes me sick to my stomach.

This happened just three days after another 14-year-old girl delivered a stillborn fetus in the bathroom of an airplane on her way back from a middle-school field trip.

First we hear that one out of four American teenage girls has an STD, now this.

Here’s what I find just as tragic: if the young woman had murdered this child before giving birth (abortion), it would simply be another statistic. When sex is no longer considered sacred, life itself is inevitably treated with the same contempt.

What is my country coming to? God help us.


  1. i wonder, is adoption kinder?

  2. Is being adopted into a loving family better than being drowned in a toilet? What kind of question is that?

  3. While I was in the US, I’ve seen a teenage mom who doesn’t know how to take care of her baby. Imagine this: the baby was seated on top of the table, no support whatsoever, while the mommy grabbed a jar of baby food from her bag. the baby, who still couldn’t sit on her own, lost her balance and knocked her head on the table. ok, that’s strike one. so the mom held the baby on her lap, tried to pacify her with one hand, prepared the food with the other. then the baby’s spoon fell on the floor, mom grabbed it, licked the spoon clean (as if that will really work) and used it as if nothing happened. ok, that’s strike two. when the mom lifted up the baby to burp her, i saw the grossest thing ever. the baby’s romper, the back part, was covered with dried poo. strike three.

    I thought that was a depressing sight only to see a more troubling one the very next day – a pregnant girl who looks like she’s barely 10 years old.

    And now, after reading the article, those two memories that I have don’t seem that depressing anymore.

    What’s sad also is that these girls can get away with such evil acts just because they fall under the so-called age of discernment. And in this country, where teenagers know their rights all too well, they milk that for all its worth. Committing crimes left and right while invoking that mitigating factor. There’s malice in their actions yet they get away with nothing (save for juvenile delinquency programs which really do nothing for them).

  4. I used to work for the child welfare department when I was in the States. I remember a case where someone did the exact same thing that was mentioned in this article, but the baby was not killed. Really, really sad.

  5. Makes me think if countries like the U.S. and the Philippines (which are predominantly Christian and Catholic countries) are THIS corrupted and evil, what more of those other countries which have higher tolerance levels for such morbid acts? This incident might just be another regular thing for them. Now, that is sad.

  6. We have same incidence like that in our school bathroom too. I saw a fetus in the ladies cr twice. Petrifying scene. It’s a Catholic school to think. I guess your blog just sort of tells me it’s the same story everywhere else. Real sad.

  7. Hello Kuya Kevin, I heard a woman in India who drowned her newborn child in the river as an offering to the gods but then later regretted it when she became a Christian. We just have to continue being diligent spreading the gospel of our Lord Jesus.

  8. i didnt mean to sound flippant, nor sarcastic.

    was thinking out loud. pardon.

    i was adopted. it wasnt stellar to say the least. it just wasnt life as well.

    but i know it doesnt give me the license to be insensitive

    my apologies.

  9. One Great Miss,
    I’m sorry that you had a tough family life. Honestly, I kind of concluded that from your comment.

    Just keep in mind that their are plenty of adopted children that have great families.


  10. why are they doing that in America? When i was a month pregnant, i hide it to my parents but i didn’t try to abort it because its a sin to GOD. I hope they will realize that what they had done is not good.

  11. yall lame dont have nothing els to do lames

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