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"He must increase, but I must decrease." -John 3:30

Ingrid (PHF04) in Top Three-Italentstar!

Thanks to your votes, Ingrid has made it to the next round on Italentstar. Please keep supporting her! Here’s a message from her to my blog readers:

Good day people! First off… Kevin and I finally saw each other “in the flesh” last Sunday and it was fun because he had lunch with me and my friends after church.

Thank you to all who have given their support and prayers for the ITALENTSTAR competition. The four previous rounds were fun but tough and I am thankful for I am now one of the top 3 female Philippine contestants.

Just one more round here in the Philippines! The ITALENTS will be the ambassadors of their own country by showing the world everything about the Philippines through photos and videos.

Keep voting for me on I am candidate PHF04.

You can add my Official Friendster Profile for the competition:

Don’t forget to get a copy of Kevin’s book—BASTA LOVE LIFE. His views and observations on relationships are MISMO (got that Kevs? Haha). I am just one of his friends who, like him, would like to let people know about Christ and what He wants for each of us.

Let us get to know Christ all the more and renounce those misconceptions about him being this scary, father-figure who is out to punish you for every sin you make.
God is not that, for He loves you so much that he sent his one and only Son, Jesus Christ to take on our sins.
It seems it would be easy for God to just not care about us since we are sinners, but then the love in his heart far outweighs the presence of sin in our lives.

Have a great day and delight yourself in the Lord!

Let’s keep supporting her. Hopefully she can be the Filipina representative in this competition.


  1. i thought joining this kind of thins is vanity.?

  2. A talent competition? No, especially not when your goal is to use your influence for God’s glory.

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