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"He must increase, but I must decrease." -John 3:30

Blackaby Seminar at CCM

Yesterday (Friday, February 29th) we had the honor of hearing from Dr. Richard Blackaby and his son Daniel at the City College of Manila.

The title of the seminar was Students as Future Leaders. Dr. Blackaby and Daniel spoke to the students about overcoming adversity, making your life count, and living with no regrets.

Many of the students who attended were from the City College of Manila, the host campus. We also had (college and high school) students from other nearby campuses. I am sure that this event was a blessing and inspiration to all who came.

What did the students have to say about this seminar? Here are a few quotes from their feedback forms:

“I’ve come to realize that an ‘average’ person just like me could make a difference.”

“God always has His purpose in everything that’s happening in your life. We should make a difference while we are alive, remembering to live according to God’s will.”

“God is a God of hope.”

“We must think positive and always believe that God is there to guide us.”

“Live your life in such a way that you won’t regret it when you look back.”

“Don’t settle for mediocrity–live a life that will influence others.”

Thank you, Richard and Daniel Blackaby, for inspiring us! Special thanks also to CCM for hosting this event!


  1. ang gaganda ng mga sinabi ng mga guest speaker na sila Mr. Richard and Daniel Blackaby.. Although they are too fast when speaking, I still understand the things they wanted us to gain or to remember.. That WE should live our life in such a way that when we reminisce we have no regrets.. Napaisip din ako nung sinabi ni Mr. Richard na, kung mawawala kaya ako sa earth may mababago ba? Hmm, so,even if I`m still student i make it a point that whatever the circumstamces are,there should always have faith in GOD and believe on myself that even if I still have a small voice, time will come that lot of people will gonna look at me just to hear some words of wisdom. And also I would like to add that I really learned a lot,most specially when he talked about the lives of other people who had make a difference in the world despite being not good in class. I hope that there will be another seminar that will open lots of filipino`s eyes. THANK YOU KUYA KEVIN.. Because you studied our language and you adopt our culture despite the big differences with your country`s lifestyle.

  2. anonymous was there at the seminar! i would like to quote him in the csm website when we post highlights of the blackaby tour. those were great pictures, too (especially the one with me in it – heh-heh). how do i make the link? – ate joy

  3. Joy,
    All the quotes are from students who attended (though I edited the English just a tad). I’m also very happy with the anonymous comment here 🙂

    To get the picture, just do this:
    First, click the picture and it will go to full screen.
    Next, right-click it and save it onto your computer.

    The computer will be saved onto your computer and you can do whatever you want with it 🙂

  4. what if i want to link the whole thing (article with pictures) to our site? do i do the same thing? – ate joy

  5. To link to a specific article on a blog, you just have to click the title of the blog. Then you’ll see the address of that specific article/post in your browser. Just copy and paste from there.

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